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Welcome to the gallery of my digital art. Here you can both learn more about each work and purchase them.


Surrounding myself with his art is the greatest gift I could give to my soul.
In his drawings I find the exact artistic expression of my mood, love, joy, sense of responsibility, fear, hope. I have always had a big problem in externalizing my feelings but thanks to Maria's artistic creations I have found a noble, original and romantic way to communicate with my loved ones.
I will never stop thanking Maria for giving me a new interpretation of my emotions.

Oleg P.

I have followed Maria‘s work for quite some time but never made a purchase until recently when I was blown away by a piece that she had done. I had to have it and within hours, Maria had my order packed and ready to ship to the UK. 

Her work is stunning, the use of colour and composition are just amazing. I am very drawn towards geometrics, but the way that Maria uses shape to add so much depth to her work, it just blew me away.

Neilroy G.

Maria’s work is evocative and beautiful.  I finally purchased my first piece after following her work for over a decade.  I am filled with joy when looking at the beauty of her painting because of the myriad of expressions found within the piece.  Her simplicity within complexity reminds me of the many aspects of human nature.  I absolutely love her work and think a wall without a Maria Kobberholm Beggi, is an empty one!

Angeline R.

art digital

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