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 Maria Kobberholm Beggi


* ART NORDIC 2022-JUN 24-26TH
* ART MUC 2022-OCT 7-9TH


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Circondarmi della sua arte è il regalo più grande che potessi fare alla mia anima.Nei suoi disegni trovo l'esatta espressione artistica del mio stato d'animo, amore, gioia, senso di responsabilità, paura, speranza. Ho sempre avuto un grosso problema ad esternalizzare i miei sentimenti ma grazie alle creazioni artistiche di Maria ho trovato un modo nobile originale e romantico di comunicare con i miei cari.Non finirò mai di ringraziare Maria per avermi dato una nuova chiave di lettura per le mie emozioni.

Oleg P.


I have followed Maria‘s work for quite some time but never made a purchase until recently when I was blown away by a piece that she had done. I had to have it and within hours, Maria had my order packed and ready to ship to the UK. 

Her work is stunning and high quality. The use of colour and composition are just amazing. I am very drawn towards geometrics, but the way that Maria uses shape to add so much depth to her work, it just blew me away.

Neilroy G.


Maria’s work is evocative and beautiful.  I finally purchased my first piece after following her work for over a decade.  I am filled with joy when looking at the beauty of her painting because of the myriad of expressions found within the piece.  Her simplicity within complexity reminds me of the many aspects of human nature.  I absolutely love her work and think a wall without a Maria Kobberholm Beggi, is an empty one.

Angeline R.

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